"there’s another show like stifflers"


"yeah, stifflers"



just got a groupon offer for a free bottle of garcinia cambogia

true love/short term memory loss

true love/short term memory loss

gettinchai said: I too am following you because of LJ! I follow you on Instagram as well, you asked me if we knew each other (I was viciouswar, now strawberryannie) but no matter how many times I tried to reply, Instagram wouldn't send it. I read your blog as a teen and you were so cool to me and indirectly inspired me to move to portland :)

wait, what?! you’re so sweet! i don’t even know what to say ❤

nonvolleyball said: because you're prally like "uhhh why did this person just start following me" (valid question)...I somehow stumbled across your old LJ a million years ago via Zoe Trope & would periodically read it because I liked your style. I stopped when you stopped posting as often (obviously) but I saw a picture of a Blythe doll yesterday, which made me remember your blog, & apparently the URL was still stored in some deep recess of my brain. so anyways...hi. hope all is well in your world, etc. etc. :)

HI & THANK YOU! this is incredibly flattering. i was recognized irl from livejournal a few weeks ago and i’ve been thinking about how, thanks to zoe, i used to be kind of a big deal on the internet (aka not a big deal at all). i would still use lj if i could figure out how to post a photo from the app. that probably means i should blog here, but i have the same name on instagram so peep that for more regular updates

i’ll do a year end post! anything to keep from cleaning, which is what i came in here to do. it looks like hoarders in my room and i haven’t used my computer in so long that i actually tried to double space to make a period. here are some things about 2012 i want to remember:


-new career. i lost my job and was a big brave girl who kept her shit together and changed life paths without freaking out too hard. it was actually really fun and i feel lucky to have been in the position to enjoy unemployment and use it to do something fun like go to beauty school. shout out to kristy on this one because she helped me pay for school which relieved most of the stress of the situation. 

-new job. with a new career comes a new job and i feel SO GRATEFUL to have found work so easily. even though i’m back in retail it’s using the skills i learned in school and i’m being compensated for such (who can say that?). i’m still dreaming of the day i don’t have to work, but that day isn’t going to come and i’m happy with my job.

-health. i haven’t had healthcare since january and i’ve been doing a pretty good job at not needing it. i have become recently eligible and am going to sign up asap because my left ear is plugged and i need a refill prescription for my inhaler. not too shabby!

-people. everyone has been really good to me this year. granted, i don’t regularly interact with very many people, but i love all my friends and family and i’m glad they are around. i feel like it’s been a good year.


-itunes update. like i said i haven’t used my computer in a long time and when i do i’m usually on the internet with itunes on shuffle. this new itunes is the worst because everything is hidden, it took me literally 10 minutes to find shuffle, and now it appears that the arrow key doesn’t change songs. thinking about switching back to winamp.

-still lazy. while i’ve done a good job of keeping my shit together during this tumultuous year, i’m still lazy as shit. for example, the hoarders room i’m sitting in. have i mentioned the lightbulb burnt out in here at least 3 weeks ago and i haven’t gotten around to changing it so if i need something between the hours of 5pm-7am i have to use my phone as a flashlight? i planned on taking care of that shit today and found an excuse not to (all day long). also: tried to make this post on livejournal for irony reasons and couldn’t remember the password so i gave up and used tumblr. so lazy.


-suburbs. this isn’t really bad, but it’s just a fascinating experience to spend more time in the suburbs. i’ve spent my entire life in inner se/ne portland and maybe that’s a little sad but after tasting the suburbs it just makes me want never leave my block. they use so much styrofoam! gangnam style/oh holy night remix is their holiday music! people wait around to eat… at the cheesecake factory! do they know that food comes off the same sysco truck that feeds the old folks home? it’s weird out there. i’m also spending a lot of time on the bus getting there, which is wasteful.

-baby kimye. you thought i’d like that right?! i’m not sure how i feel yet.



mercy-i realized in december that this was the only new song i actively listened to all year and that scared me so i downloaded the frank ocean album. it was good, but mercy is THE SHIT. i don’t know who won best rap video vma this year but wasn’t this and i’m sorry but kanye had one of the best rap videos OF ALL TIME.


clarisonic-i bought myself one of these fuckers for my birthday and it’s the best thing i ever did for my face! everyone needs one!


big-ass ice pops-i pretty much lived on these and juanita’s chips this summer. i like the ones from trader’s joe, but the ones from whole foods where on sale for $2 pretty much all year and they are bomb too

that’s it, good year. may 2013 be kind to all



"i think this is the best place to go in the mall if you need to fart." - @ztrope #godblessamerica (Taken with Instagram at Yankee Candle Co)

"i think this is the best place to go in the mall if you need to fart." - @ztrope #godblessamerica (Taken with Instagram at Yankee Candle Co)

i’m either having this or pms

i’m either having this or pms

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